"Win The Day"

"Win the day" is a sporting and military mantra that applies perfectly to today's entrepreneurs and businesses.

Because business success and winning doesn't happen overnight, you need to be dedicated to your personal and professional growth. You need a daily practice and routine to start the day with a winning mindset and to feed your mind with "mental protein", not "mental candy".

Nor is there a silver-bullet. You need to perform at a high level, consistently, and in the right direction to win and achieve success.

At "Win The Day" we are coaches, motivators and realists. We know that nothing beats hard work, consistency and determination. We also know that life can get in the way.

We are your accountability partners - just like the fitness trainer in your gym. We help you establish your goals and timeline and hold your feet to the flames as you strive to improve your life and business.

And like the fitness coach, we also have hard-earnt experience working with many clients, from many backgrounds, with different goals. We monitor your progress, advise changes, and support you on your journey.

With us, when you Win The Day, you'll crush your work week, then you dominate 2017!

About Ben

Ben started coaching in 2003 as he was preparing for his next challenge in Stockholm, Sweden. His first focus was in the health and fitness industry but this soon evolved into business and life coaching.

Today, Ben combines his experience in business (see his resumé and testimonials) with his passion for health, fitness and peak performance to help you become the Total Entrepreneur and indeed "Win The Day".

Ben Kirk

Principal Coach and Trainer

The Team

Ben is part of an international group of coaches, each with a unique specialty so if you're looking for a coach with a specific skill-set, let us know. Results guaranteed!


Our greater team includes web designers, number-crunchers, legal pros, an SEO Guru, online-marketing whizzes and social media maestro's.

Contact Us...

Contact Ben today for a no obligation meeting (and no sneaky sales-tricks) to hear how he and his team will help you and your business.